White Silver Plant


Scientific name: "Leucadendron argenteum". This beautiful tree grows on the slopes of Table Mountain, South Africa, and gets its name from its curious silver sheen, caused by abundant fine, satiny hairs covering the grey-green leaves, that glisten in the sunlight. These tiny hairs also give the leaves a soft, velvety feel . The small silver tree has a stout trunk with thick grey bark, and grows symmetrically, with its upright branches bearing the long, tapering leaves, which overlap each other to conceal the thick branches . Tree up to 10m tall. Bark thick and grey. Branchlets stout, appearing cylindrical (terete), densely hairy (pubescent). Leaves up to 15cm long, lanceolate, covered in slightly flattened silvery hairs. Each plant has either male or female flowers (dioecious). Male collections of flowers (inflorescences) spherical, contained in a ring of small leaves; female inflorescences contained within a ring of broader, rounder leaves; both covered with layer of fine, minute silvery hairs. Fruiting cones silvery, up to 9cm long, retained for several years.