Jack Fruit Plant


Scientific name: "Arto carpus". It is a tall tree, attains a height of 40 feet to 60 ,feet with large shining dark green incised leaves. It bears prickly brownish yellow fruits. When young it grows best in shade. A matured fruit weighs upto 20 to 25 Kgs. Every part of the plant and the fruit is a rich source of food to animals. Wood is used for making musical instruments like Veena, Tambura and percussion instruments. It mitigates noise pollution and efficiently traps particulate matter. The tree is architecturally designed to trap sunlight and protects the earth from insulation. Thereby it reduces the soil temperature and improves the quality of breathable air. The shining leaves absorb Carbon Dioxide even in dim light and also it has got the capacity to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during moon light and also in star light..