Geranium Plants


Scientific Name: "Pelargonium x hortorum". Geranium is a diverse group containing types that grow in a range of conditions, from full sun to shade. Flower colors include pink, blue, white, and purple. Most geraniums blooms in midsummer. Plants grow 6 inches to 4 feet tall, depending on the variety. Select a site with full sun to light shade and well-drained soil. In hot climates, choosing a site with moist soil and afternoon shade will improve vigor and prolong bloom. Geraniums are used in beautiful flower beds or in containers, planter boxes, or hanging baskets on porches, patios or balconies. Geraniums like fertile, well-drained soil that contains plenty of organic matter. Let the soil go slightly dry between watering. Don't over fertilize: Feed them with slow-release, granular fertilizer once in spring or with a liquid 20-20-20 fertilizer three times during the growing season. Geranium plants likes Morning sun, afternoon shade; fertile, well-drained soil.