Cinnamon Plant


SCIENTIFIC NAME: "Mangifera indica L". The leaves of the tree are are shiny and dark green. They are either elliptical or lanceolate with long petioles and a leathery texture. Mango trees grow best in tropical or subtropical climates, although late frosts in suptropical regions can severely damage the flowers. Tree spacing varies widely due to differences in lateral growth between varieties but generally range from 10.5 up to 18 m (34 to 60 ft). Closer spacing ultimately reduces the fruit yield. Mango tree can grow upto almost 120-130ft in height with a radius 33ft at the top.The root of the mango tree goes down to around 20ft in deep soil. The mango is an evergreen tree with alterrnate simple leaves that are 6-14" in length and 2-4" wide. The new growth emerges coppery red or sometimes dark brick red, which is quite stunning. The foliage eventually hardens off to a dark green. The flowers are born on terminal panicles. They are small white flowers with five petals.