Chiku Plant


Scientific Name: "Achras sapota". Chiku plant is a tropical fruit plant and can be grown from sea level up to 1,200 meters. The plant prefers warm and moist weather and can grow both in dry and humid areas. The coastal climate isbest suited to this plant. At higher altitudes, the fruit quality and tree health suffers. Areas with an annual rainfall of 125-250cm are highly suitable. Rain or cloud weather during any part of the year does not do any harm to fruit set. The optimum temperature is between 11'C and 34'C. The fruits mature in four to six months after flowering. In the tropics, some cultivars bear almost continuously. The main season is from December to March. The trees bear from May to September with the peak of the crop in June and July. The most ideal soils are deep alluvium, sandy loams, red late rites and medium black soils. Sometimes it is planted in dry river beds with alluvial soil. Chiku is rich in protein, fibre and minerals like phasphorus, calcium and iron contents.