Amla Plant


Scientific Name: "Phyllanthus emblica". Amla is the medium size deciduous plant. It grows to the height of 8 -18 meter. It has a crooked trunk and spreading branches. Its flower is yellow greenish in colour. The fruit is spherical pale yellow with six vertical furrows. The mature fruits are hard and do not fall for the gentle touch. The average weight of the fruit is 60 -70 g. It has a gray bark and reddish wood. Its leaves are feathery, linear oblong in shape and smell like lemon. Its wood is hard in texture. It wraps and splits when exposed in the Sun or in the excessive heat. It is planted through the deciduous of tropical India and on the hill slopes up to 2000 meter. :Amla can grow in light as well as the heavy soils. It is grown under the tropical conditions. The fruit is the richest source of Vitamin C and is a diuretic, aperient, Laxative and hair dye It is the main ingredient used in the shampoo. Amla oil is used all the world. Amla is used in sauces, candy, dried chips, pickle, jellies and powder.