About Us

Varashree Farm and nursery is The Govt. of India & Govt. of Karnataka approved Horticulture five Star nursery located in Shimoga, Karnataka. The nursery owns the fertilized land of about 24 hectares, nurturing more than 200 different plants of different families. The nursery is promised as one of the best nursery in entire Karnataka with its unique methodology and techniques. Varashree farm and nursery is identified and awarded by Govt. of Karnataka and Govt. of India for its consistent performance and Improvements.

Varashree form is started in the year 2011 by Mr Krishna and Mrs Krishna in a rented land of 60*30 , with a rented fish net and second hand shade . But with the hard work accompanied with love and care towards plants the nursery manages to get permission and registration from the Horticulture dept of India in the year 2012. With this varashree farm start selling its plants, and started growing different variety plants .With unique techniques, methodology and service. varashree mange to get good orders. Since Then Varashree started to rent more land and more employees to met the demand, Within a span of one year , Varashree owned private land and expanded its service to other states.

Varashree Farm got certification by medicine and aromatics dept of India. The nursery is rated as 3 star nursery by Horticulture dept of India. Varashree farm with import different family plants from other countries and export Indian plants. Recently varashree farm is rated as 5 Star nursery forms Horticulture dept of India. Varashree farm has its own research lab to invent new techniques and methods to get better yield.